As stated in the Preface, this book offers the updated version of contributions collected from the UFSI International Symposium on Environmental and Space Electromagnetics held in Tokyo on 4–6th September, 1989. It was sponsored by the International Union of Radio Science (URSI) as an activity preceding the URSI General Assembly in Prague, Czechoslovakia in 1990. The topics covers the state of the art in radio science and interdisciplinary areas consisting of fifteen chapters on the subjects of natural and man-made radio noise in the broadest sense. Among them, one final chapter consists of assembled abstracts amounting to seventeen, supplementary to the preceding fourteen chapters containing full papers. Many of topics have never been discussed in an open forum, and offer novel unconventional problems such as spacecraft EM environment; terrestrial and extraterrestrial noise and plasma environment; planetary lightning and emissions including the results from Voyager-Neptune flyby; triggered and ball lightning; seismoelectric emissions; meteorologicoelectrie phenomena and EHD (electrohydrodynamics) including atmospheric dusty charged vortex phenomena which have drawn a world-wide public interest quite recently, besides more conventional or traditional subjects such as man-made radio noise and EMC; space communication, measurement and frequency management; noise and communication statistics; lightning; atmospherics, whistlers and emissions.


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