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Consecutive Follow-up Study of the Liver of LEC Rats Before the Onset of Spontaneous Hepatitis

  • Hirofumi Sakamoto
  • Yasuhiro Kamimura
  • Takashi Minase
  • Shigeaki Yokoyama
  • Masaaki Satoh
  • Michio Mori


Although the pathological changes in the liver of LEC rats after the onset of hepatitis are well established, the natural history of LEC rats before the manifestation of jaundice remains unresolved. Before the onset of hepatitis, the LEC rat is normal, at least as far as liver function tests are concerned. However, there are some reports that describe the presence of pathological changes in the liver of LEC rats before the onset of hepatitis, i.e., the appearance of abnormally high ploidy nuclei [1] and nuclear enlargement [2] in hepatocytes. Since these findings from different individual rats tend to be somewhat fragmentary, it seems worthy to assess whether such pathological findings are observed consistently in the liver of the same LEC rat throughout its life course before the onset of hepatitis. Therefore in this study, we designed a prospective follow-up study of the liver of LEC rats using consecutive needle biopsies. Much attention was placed on the ultrastructural changes in the nuclei in light of the abnormalities in the ploidy and nuclear size which have previously been reported.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Hirofumi Sakamoto
  • Yasuhiro Kamimura
  • Takashi Minase
  • Shigeaki Yokoyama
  • Masaaki Satoh
  • Michio Mori
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of PathologySapporo Medical CollegeSapporo, 060Japan

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