Diseases of the Spine and Spinal Cord

  • Koreaki Mori


The spinal canal is a narrow space formed by bony elements including the vertebrae and vertebral discs, and extends from above downwards. Consequently, lesions in this region are characterized by longitudinal expansion in addition to lateral growth. With the development of the CT scan, methods for diagnosis of intraspinal lesions improved remarkably. However, because of bony artifacts and the fact that the longitudinal extent of lesions cannot be properly depicted, myelography is still used in addition to the CT scan. MRI, however, simultaneously provides the solution to all of these problems. Sagittal sections of the spinal column have become possible, making it easy to diagnose disorders of the spine, including spinal spondylosis, disc hernias, fractures, calcification of the posterior longitudinal ligaments, cancers, and spinal metastases. Diagnosis of diseases of the spinal cord, particularly those localized in the medullocervical cord junction and cervical cord has been greatly facilitated.


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