The Physical Strength of the Membranous Labyrinth and Its Relation to Endolymphatic Hydrops

  • Tetsuo Ishii
  • Nobukazu Yamamoto
  • Terufumi Machida


Pathological findings of Ménière’s disease were first reported by Hallpike and Cairns [1]. The main finding was an enlarged endolymphatic space of the cochlear duct and saccule which was called “endolymphatic hydrops.” Subsequent histopathological studies on temporal bones with Ménière’s disease have confirmed the presence of endolymphatic hydrops in the cochlea and saccule, although some investigators reported enlargement of the utricle or deformity of the semicircular canal [2, 3].


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  • Tetsuo Ishii
  • Nobukazu Yamamoto
  • Terufumi Machida

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