The Status of Endolymphatic Sac Surgery

  • Masaaki Kitahara


Otologists who have no prior experience with Ménière’s disease surgery must review the literature in order to decide upon the suitable technique for the case of the disease at hand. Until now, a wide variety of literature concerning modified techniques has appeared, suggesting that there seems to be no single technique which has satisfied any one surgeon. In most critical papers, the efficacy of conservative surgery, such as endolymphatic sac surgery on Ménière’s disease, has been described as questionable because no significant difference from medical treatment has been observed. There was even an experiment indicating that the efficacy of an active operation to be the same as that of a placebo operation [1]. Is conservative surgery, then, really not effective for Ménière’s disease? Additionally, is destructive surgery more preferable than nondestructive conservative surgery? In this paper, I will describe our policy of surgical treatment for Ménière’s disease derived from 20 years of experience, primarily with intra-mastoid drainage surgery.


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