A Clinical Study of the Diagnosis of the Endolymphatic Hydrops Aspect of Ménière’s Disease

  • Katsuya Akioka
  • Nobuya Fujita
  • Yoshiyuki Kitaoku
  • Takashi Matsunaga


Hydrops of the endolymphatic system is the most striking pathologic finding in the inner ear in Ménière’s disease. It was discovered simultaneously by Yamakawa [1] and Hallpike and Cairns [2] in 1938 and has subsequently been confirmed by numerous investigations. In our study, the glycerol test, the electrocochleogram (ECochG) and the furosemide tests with caloric stimuli and/or centric & eccentric pendular rotation stimuli were administered to patients with Ménière’s disease. The purpose of the study was to diagnose endolymphatic hydrops in these patients in comparison with that in patients with sudden deafness without vertigo.


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  • Katsuya Akioka
  • Nobuya Fujita
  • Yoshiyuki Kitaoku
  • Takashi Matsunaga

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