A Statistical Study on Patients with Ménière’s Disease Visiting Our Clinic During the Past 10 Years

  • Yoshiro Wada
  • Isao Koh
  • Katsuya Akioka
  • Nobuya Fujita
  • Takashi Matsunaga
  • Hisami Iwasaki


The etiology of Ménière’s disease remains unknown despite many extensive studies [1, 2]. For this reason, the term Ménière’s disease is rather widely defined, and there is still no general agreement for diagnosis and treatment [3–5]. To elucidate this problem, we have observed patients with Ménière’s disease in the Vertigo Clinic of our hospital for 10 years. In this study, we report several clinical characteristics of Ménière’s disease and discuss them in comparison with other reports in the literature.


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  • Yoshiro Wada
  • Isao Koh
  • Katsuya Akioka
  • Nobuya Fujita
  • Takashi Matsunaga
  • Hisami Iwasaki

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