An Anatomical Study on Cadavers with a History of Dizziness: Temporal Bone and Some Arteries, Nerve Roots, and Nuclei Related to the Internal Ear

  • Osamu Tanaka
  • Haruo Shinohara
  • Hiroki Otani


Ménière’s disease is characterized by progressive endolymphatic hydrops (EH) of the pars inferior, resulting in the impairment of cochlear and vestibular functions. EH may also occur in syphilitic labyrinthitis [1], delayed endolymphatic hydrops [2–6], petrositis [7], suppurative labyrinthitis [8], congenital deafness [9], and otitis media [10, 11]. Although the cause of EH is unknown, it is widely believed that overaccumulation of endolymph is due either to oversecretion from the stria vascularis or malabsorption through the wall of the endolymphatic duct. At present, there is no morphological evidence related to the pathogenesis of EH.


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  • Haruo Shinohara
  • Hiroki Otani

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