Labyrinthine Anomaly and Endolymphatic Hydrops

  • Haruo Saito
  • Taizo Takeda
  • Seiji Kishimoto
  • Mutsuhiro Furuta


Goin et al. [1] operated on 16 ears with Mondini’s anomaly and obtained satisfactory hearing improvement in 4 of them. Sadé and Yaniv [2] reported on vertigo which started in childhood and suggested that some of the hearing loss with vertigo in children was due to Ménière’s disease. Recently, Levenson et al. [3] proposed the existence of the large vestibular aqueduct syndrome in children who have downward fluctuating hearing losses.


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  • Haruo Saito
  • Taizo Takeda
  • Seiji Kishimoto
  • Mutsuhiro Furuta

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