• C. I. M. A. Spee
  • A. Mackor
  • P. P. J. Ramaekers
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Thin films of HTcS, e.g. BiSrCaCu-oxides or YBa2Cu3O7, may be prepared on suitable substrates (e.g. SrTiO3) by metal-organic chemical vapour deposition MO-CVD, as recently indicated in the literature. However, for optimal process conditions and film properties, a number of variables must be controlled. These include the selection of appropriate precursors with sufficient volatility and stability at a work temperature of + 200 °C, like metal ß-diketonates. The thermochemistry of these compounds must be such as to provide metal oxide deposits. After these steps (selection, vapour pressure measurements and thermochemistry) have been taken, the actual MO-CVD process will be carried out. The progress in the TNO programme will be reported at the meeting.


Vapour Pressure Thermostat Bath Optimal Process Condition Mixed Metal Oxide Vapour Pressure Measurement 
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  • C. I. M. A. Spee
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  • A. Mackor
    • 1
  • P. P. J. Ramaekers
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  1. 1.TNO Institute of Applied ChemistryZeistThe Netherlands
  2. 2.TNO/TUE Center for Technical CeramicsEindhovenThe Netherlands

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