Effect of Cu and Sources on Powder Processing and Densification of Superconducting YBa2Cu3Ox Ceramic

  • Hung C. Ling
Conference paper


The solid state reaction method to form the superconducting YBa2Cu3,Ox oxide was studied. It was found that the starting cupric and yttrium components accelerated the decomposition of the BaCO3 component. At a constant heating rate of 10°C per minute in the TGA analysis, the temperature of complete decomposition, Tf, was lowered from greater than 1000°C in pure BaCO3 to between 915 and 985°C. The effectiveness in decreasing Tf can be ranked in the order of oxalate, carbonate and oxide. The highest sintered density achieved in this study was 6.03 gm/cm3 (ρ/ρth=95%) at 990°C and 5.85 gm/cm3 (ρ/ρth=92%) at 960°C. The source of cupric ion had the largest effect on densification. The use of cupric carbonate resulted in a consistently high Archimedes density of about 6.00 gm/cm3 and large dimensional shrinkage of about 20% at 990°C for 12h. In contrast, the use of cupric oxide gave the lowest density and smallest shrinkage. Within the same powder lot, higher sintered density and smaller dimensional shrinkage were observed in samples with higher initial green density and compaction pressure. However, the data suggested that the enhanced densification and higher density achieved by the use of cupric carbonate and oxalate cannot be accounted for by the different physical characteristics of the powders and the mechanics of powder compaction, measured collectively by the green density.


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