Consideration of Interaction Between Carriers and Magnetic Rare-Earth Ions in R1Ba2Cu3Oy (R=Rare-Earth Ions) Based on ESR and Resistivity Studies

  • Kazushi Sugawara
Conference paper


With regard to the magnetic interaction between magnetic rare-earth ion and conduction carriers in R1Ba2Cu3Oy, theoretical and experimental aspects of ESR , inelastic neutron scattering cross-section and normal-state resistivity of RBaCuO system have been examined. ESR of Gd diluted in YBaCuO gave JexNF≃0.001, which is much smaller than the value obtained by inelastic neutron scattering cross-section for ErBaCuO. Some comments are made on the interpretation of neutron scattering cross-section. The magnitude of magnetic resistivity,Rm, due to magnetic rare-earth ions was theoretically estimated using the value of JexNF, giving Rm≃10-4 μΩ-cm. This indicates that the normal-state resistivity of RBaCuO is dominated by phonon contribution.


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  • Kazushi Sugawara
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  1. 1.Central Research LaboratorySharp CorporationTenri, Nara, 632Japan

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