The Possibility of Superconducting Transistor and Squid with High-Tc Oxide Superconductors

  • Ushio Kawabe
Conference paper


Application of superconducting oxides to analog and digital devices has been extensively given attention since Bednortz and Muller discovered high-critical-temperature superconductivity in the La-Ba-Cu-O system1). Subsequently superconductors having a critical temperature above liquid-nitrogen temperature were discovered in the Y-Ba-Cu-O system by Wu et al.2) , in the Bi-Ca-Sr-Cu-O system by Maeda3) , and in the Tl-Ca-Ba-Cu-O system by Sheng et al4). Liquid nitrogen is about 1/30 in the cost of liquid helium and more available in quantity of resource. If such materials can be applied to analog and digital devices, we can use the superconducting phenomena easily and profitably.


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  • Ushio Kawabe
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  1. 1.Central Research LaboratoryKokubunji, Tokyo, 185Japan

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