A History of Superconductivity

  • M. R. Beasley


This first International Symposium on Superconductivity, ISS-88, is an historic event. It brings together for the first time a truly international collection of scientists and engineers to discuss the full range of issues—from basic science to practical technology—raised by the discovery of the new high-temperature superconductors. It celebrates the founding of ISTEC, the first major research organization in the world to be formed for the expressed purpose of advancing the science and technology of these new materials. The international emphasis of both ISTEC and this Symposium is a clear reflection of the times in which we live—times in which the international character of science and technology is fully being appreciated, not only by scientists and engineers, but the general populace as well.


Macroscopic Quantum Meissner Effect Josephson Effect Zero Resistance Heavy Fermion Superconductor 
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