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Urogenital Paraneurons

  • Tsuneo Fujita
  • Tomio Kanno
  • Shigeru Kobayashi


Feyrter (1951, 1953) described the occurrence of clear and argyrophil cells dispersed in the urethra and certain other parts of the urogenital epithelia. These cells, which he regarded as typical elements of his “Helle-Zellen-System,” were impregnated in the Bielschowsky-Gros method (argyrophilia) and most, if not all, showed argentaffinity and chromaffinity. Although these reactions indicated that the cells contained monoamines (p. 23), this point was emphasized neither by Feyrter himself nor by other researchers until modern fluorescence histochemical methods for monoamines came to be applied to urogenital tissues (Forsberg et al. 1964; Håkanson et al. 1974).


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