Computer Aided Robotics

  • Hideo Matsuka
  • Taketoshi Yoshida
Conference paper


This paper describes an interactive tool for assisting an operational plan or research activity for industrial robots. First we introduce the concept of a “role-your-own” system for developing a CAD/CAM application system. Second, we present a world model that is the basic and common component in the development tool. The world model represents objects such as a manipulator or a robotic working cell in a factory ‚and is composed of a geometric model, mechanism model and so on. Last, we show two application systems using the world model based on the concept of the role-your-own system. One is a task planning system for teaching and simulating robot motions. The other is a CAE system for studying advanced robotic systems. The importance of this model for application systems is then discussed.


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  • Hideo Matsuka
    • 1
  • Taketoshi Yoshida
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  1. 1.IBM Japan Ltd.Japan

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