Structural Evaluation of Cold-Formed Sheet Steel Concrete Reinforcement Using Finite Elements and Tests

  • Frederick A. ThulinJr.
  • John D. Brock
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USG Corporation conducted a Research project to determine the structural behavior of a concrete forming and reinforcing system consisting of a number of deformed, interlocking cold-formed steel sheets, and to predict this behavior, using finite element mathematical modeling. The project proceeded as follows: First, full-size sheets were tested to determine their mechanical properties and physical behavior. Based upon the resulting information, a finite element was selected from the SAP IV Element Library, and a mathematical model formulated for a circular, single center arch tunnel. Elements corresponding in size to those in the model were fabricated and tested to determine the mechanical properties required for input into the finite element program. Then a full-scale model corresponding to that of the mathematical model was fabricated and tested under various loading conditions. The results of the individual performances of both the mathematical model and physical model were compared. This comparison showed that small-scale test-generated properties can be used for finite element modeling to predict with confidence the behavior of large structures constructed from complex, cold-formed sheet steel of unusual cross-section.


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  • Frederick A. ThulinJr.
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  • John D. Brock
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  1. 1.Graham J. Morgan Research CenterUSG CorporationLibertyvilleUSA

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