Strain Measurement by Laser-Speckle

  • Ichirou Yamaguchi
Conference paper


A laser-speckle pattern is a random granular pattern which arises in the light scattered from a laser-illuminated rough surface or in its image. It results from random interference of the light scattered from various surface points and can be used as distinct random marks attached to the surface. Applications of speckle to deformation measurements are especially useful because they are complementary to holographic interferometry in many respects (Ennos 1978; Yamaguchi 1985). In general, speckle methods are simpler in set-up and more suitable for measuring in-plane deformation that is difficult to determine by holographic interferometry.


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  1. 1.Optical Instrumentation LaboratoryThe Institute of Physical and Chemical ResearchHirosawa, WakoJapan

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