Silver-Chloride, a Model Material for Photoelastic Investigations into Plastic-Elastic Behaviour of Machine-Elements

  • Peter R. Dietz
Conference paper


When developing products and constructions in mechanical and civil engineering areas today, one is forced to fully exploit the entire strenght capacity of the material, thus also by knowingly applying partially plastics phenomena. Another important field of industrial application is the increased application of manufacturing processes using deformation techniques. This leads to fundamental investigations into the mechanical behaviour and properties of materials past the elastic region, where both the internal stresses remaining in structural members and the stresses created in deformation tools during deformation processes are of interest. Since the form of the structural member and the material properties, which are influenced by the local stresses acting, play a role in these cases, such investigations mostly lead to a determination of the design strenght of existing structural members, except in the case of a few fundamental research projects.


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