Computer Graphics for Office Automation

A Case Study
  • T. Fredrick
Conference paper


Two major categories of business graphics are presentation and analytical graphics. Presentation graphics are the primary focus of personal computers and include charts and graphs that are presented to others. Analytical graphics, help individuals understand the meaning of numbers they generate on their PCs, such as complex spreadsheets, which project numbers in a sequence. Two major types of graphics programs are either prepackaged or customized. ChartMaster, PFs:Graph, and Energraphics, are good examples of pre-packaged software programs. Customized programs can be developed externally or internally. Case Study of Computer Graphics at TI, includes a review of ”TI Foils”, an internally developed presentation graphics program to meet the various needs of a targeted group of users. The corporate communication culture requires review to determine selection of either customized or packaged programs. Information Centers speed up the process of providing quality end user support. Operational/Functional, Technical, and Software Development Trends are continually changing and having major impact on Computer Graphics for Office Automation.


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