High Performance Calligraphics

Union of Hardware and Software
  • Donald R. Jones
  • Gary L. Marchant
  • Michael B. Stephenson
Conference paper


Dyna-MOVIE.BYU combines software and Evans and Sutherland hardware providing a highly interactive program with instantaneous feedback of object transformations; therefore, real time, dynamic calligraphic display capabilities are possible. All transformations are updated continuously by use of three interactive devices: a keyboard with function keys, the control dials and a data tablet. Two methods are available to remove hidden surfaces. Animated sequences can be produced by defining a series of frames. The frames are calculated and down loaded from the host computer to the PS330. The sequence can be previewed by three different methods. Since, the PS330 is a calligraphic display device, the final picture can be saved in a MOVIE.BYU format file. This allows the user to choose a number of continuous-tone raster devices on which the model may be rendered.


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  • Donald R. Jones
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  • Gary L. Marchant
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  • Michael B. Stephenson
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  1. 1.Civil Engineering DepartmentBrigham Young UniversityProvoUSA

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