RLGS Spot Mapping Method

  • Hisato Okuizumi
  • Yasushi Okazaki
  • Yoshihide Hayashizaki
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Recent progress in molecular genetics has been expedited by the development of DNA landmarks. The DNA landmarks visualized by Southern blot and PCR enabled us to construct high-density genome map which is essential for position-dependent identification of the gene responsible for a certain phenotype. This approach is so-called positional cloning. In the medical field, the information of the genes identified by position-dependent cloning (including positional candidate approach) is very useful for diagnosis, prevention, gene therapy, and drug therapy. This approach is the only known systematic way to connect any phenotypes to the transcripts, based on genetic analyses and molecular cloning technology. To facilitate the identification of genes using the positional cloning approach in higher organisms, high-density genetic maps which require a multiplex genome scanning method are essential. This is especially important in the case of orphan genomes which have important mutants but no dense map, so that we should employ a method that can rapidly scan a large number of loci.


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