Visual Acuity and Chorioretinal Atrophy

5.1 Distribution of Visual Acuity and Axial Length
  • Takashi Tokoro


The distribution of the best corrected visual acuity is illustrated in Fig. 5.1. The mean visual acuity in a logMAR is 0.31 (visual acuity in decimals is 0.49). Of the total number of high myopic eyes, 27.9% had a visual acuity of 1.0 or better, 61% better than 0.5, and 13.7% worse than 0.1. The mean visual acuity in a logMAR is 0.38 (visual acuity in decimals, 0.42) in women and 0.21 (visual acuity in decimals, 0.61) in men. The relationship between corrected visual acuity and axial length is shown in Fig. 5.2. Visual acuity can also be influenced by factors in addition to axial length [3,6,12,40,43] such as age, gender, and chorioretinal atrophy. If we concentrate only on the relationship between visual acuity and axial length, we find that corrected visual acuity becomes less with lengthening of the eyes (Fig. 5.2). The best visual acuity in eyes with choroidal neovascular membrane was 0.5 (2 eyes); all others were less than 0.4.


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