An Equalization Transfer System in Japan

  • Nobuki Mochida
Conference paper


According to OECD statistics, Japanese local public finance occupies an important Position, accounting for 70 per cent of general public expenditure, excluding social welfare funds, which is comparable to federal system such as Canada and Germany. In recent years, however, decentralization has became to be the top of Japan’s political agenda. In 1993 the government has enacted the Decentralization Promotion Law, which will be effective for five years. These development are all the more welcome nearly half a Century after Prof. Carl Shoup delivered his recommendation in 1949. However, there is tendency today for people to jump on the decentralization bandwagon without asking either what tune the band is playing or where the wagon is headed. One reason for the slow progress may be lack of clear understanding of the strength and weakness of Japan’s intergovernmental fiscal relations.


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