The Infrastructure Development and Foreign Direct Investment in China

  • Zhang Xiaoqiang
Conference paper


1. With years efforts, China has achieved great improvement in the infrastructure. For example, its installed electric power generation capacity reached 215 million KW by the end of 1995, of which 16 million KW was newly increased within that year, recording the first all over the world. The switching telephone amounted to 85 million lines in the same year, of which 16 million lines was for 1995, which also was the number one in the world. From 1980 to 1995, China’s annual urban water supply capacity increased to 49.7 billion tons from 8.8 billion tons. From 1990 to 1995, China’s high-class expressways increased to 10,000 KM from 2,000 KM. Obvious progresses have been made in the ports, railways, civil aviation, urban road and environmental protection (Table-1).


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