To perform a near-field optical microscopy (NOM) application such as optical imaging of nanometric biological specimens and spatially resolved spectroscopy of optical devices, one has to fabricate a nanometric probe which works a sensitive scatterer and/or a selective generator of high spatial frequency components of a localized optical near field. NOM employing a scatterer-type probe and a generator-type probe are defined as collection-mode (c-mode) NOM and illumination-mode (i-mode) NOM,1 respectively. Instruments of i-mode NOM and c-mode NOM will be described in Chap. 6. For illumination-collection hybrid mode (i-c mode) NOM,2 one requires a probe functioning as both a generator and a scatterer of the optical near field.


Cone Angle Selective Etching Tapered Fiber Dispersion Compensate Fiber Tapered Probe 
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