Adjuvant Chemotherapy of Gastric Cancer: JCOG Experience

  • Masatsugu Kitamura
  • Toshifusa Nakajima
  • Keiichiro Ohta
  • Atsushi Nashimoto
  • Yoshitaka Yamamura
  • Hiroshi Furukawa
  • Mitsuru Sasako
  • Taira Kinoshita
  • Hisahiko Motohashi
  • Yasuo Kunii


Results of treatment for gastric cancer in Japan have much improved over the last 20 years. The main reasons could be early detection of cancer and improvement in extended lymph node dissection. Multimodal therapy, including adjuvant chemotherapy, may also contribute to the improvement in prognosis [1]. Since the late 1950s, adjuvant chemotherapies have been routinely incorporated into postoperative therapy for gastric cancer in preventing postoperative recurrences. A review of past trials in Japan and Western countries, however, reveals little evidence of a survival benefit of postoperative adjuvant chemotherapy, though some favorable results have been reported in limited subsets of patients in Japan [2, 3, 4]. On the other hand, two meta-analyses showed statistical significance in terms of life prolongation with postoperative adjuvant chemotherapy [5,6]. To clarify the efficacy of postoperative adjuvant chemotherapy for gastric cancer, the Gastric Cancer Surgical Study Group (GCSSG) in the Japan Clinical Oncology Group (JCOG) [7] has initiated a new trial on the clinical significance of adjuvant chemotherapy.


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  • Keiichiro Ohta
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  • Atsushi Nashimoto
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  • Yoshitaka Yamamura
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  • Hiroshi Furukawa
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  • Mitsuru Sasako
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  • Taira Kinoshita
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  • Hisahiko Motohashi
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  • Yasuo Kunii
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