Multimodality Therapy for Completely Resected (R0) Gastric Cancer (Excluding Japanese Trials)

  • Harold O. DouglassJr.
  • Hector R. Nava
  • Judy L. Smith


In the United States, as in much of the Western world, the incidence of gastric cancer has fallen dramatically over the last half century. Whereas gastric cancer was the single most important cause of cancer death in the United States during the 1930s, it now ranks sixth or lower, with only 15000 to 30000 deaths per year due to this disease. In Japan more than half of those diagnosed with cancer of the stomach are permanently cured of their disease, but in the United States although the cure rate is slowly increasing it is only approaching 20%. In the United States and elsewhere in the West, as in Japan, the increase in the number of long-term survivors is due to diagnosing the disease at an earlier stage. The difference is that in Japan most patients with stomach cancer are diagnosed with disease still confined to the stomach, whereas in the United States flexible endoscopy has increased the incidence of stage I and stage II cancers from 1%–2% to a little more than 20%. For this reason the development of effective surgical adjuvant programs is a critical approach to enhancing the proportion of patients who might be cured of gastric cancer.


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