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  • Akihito Uchiyama
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$$ \left| {\smallint _{{\text{R}}^n } f\left( x \right)g\left( x \right)dx} \right| \leqslant C\left( n \right)\left\| {N_1 u} \right\|_{L^1 } \left\| g \right\|_{BMO,} $$
where u is defined by (12.3) and
$$ f \in L^1 \cap L^\infty ,g \in {\text{BMO, and supp }}g{\text{ is compact}} $$
Since \( \left\| {N_1 u} \right\|_{L^1 } \) dominates \( \left\| f \right\|_{H^1 } \) by Theorems 4.1 and 9.3, we have already obtained (13.1). In this section, we give a direct proof of (13.1) by modifying the argument of L. Carleson [76] and by using the ideas in N. Th. Varopoulos [77], P. W. Jones [78] and J. B. Garnett-P. W. Jones [82].


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