Landforms and Soil Characteristics in Ogawa Forest Reserve

  • Shuichiro Yoshinaga
  • Masamichi Takahashi
  • Shuhei Aizawa
Part of the Ecological Studies book series (ECOLSTUD, volume 158)


We describe the characteristics of the topography and soils as the substrates of the tree community in Ogawa Forest Reserve (OFR) in this chapter. Metamorphic rocks underlie the OFR, and late Quaternary volcanic ash has been widely deposited in the area. These parent materials affect the characteristics and distribution of soils in the OFR. The topography of OFR is gently undulating, as shown on the contour map (Fig. 3.1). A stream runs from north to south through the center of the reserve. The east-facing valley sideslope is steeper than the west-facing slope.


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  • Shuichiro Yoshinaga
  • Masamichi Takahashi
  • Shuhei Aizawa

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