Differential Analyses of the Effects of the Light Environment on Development of Deciduous Trees: Basic Studies for Tree Growth Modeling

  • Ichiro Terashima
  • Kyoko Kimura
  • Kosei Sone
  • Ko Noguchi
  • Atsushi Ishida
  • Akira Uemura
  • Yoosuke Matsumoto
Part of the Ecological Studies book series (ECOLSTUD, volume 158)


One of the tasks of the ecophysiology team of the Ogawa Forest Reserve (OFR) project was to provide physiological bases for modeling the growth of individual trees, for incorporation into the individual-based model (IBM) of forest dynamics (see Chapter 14).


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  • Ichiro Terashima
  • Kyoko Kimura
  • Kosei Sone
  • Ko Noguchi
  • Atsushi Ishida
  • Akira Uemura
  • Yoosuke Matsumoto

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