βGal 3-O-Sulfotransferase-1, -2, -3, and -4

  • Koichi Honke


βGal 3-O-sulfotransferases (Gal3STs) are Golgi-membrane sulfotransferases catalyzing the transfer of a sulfate group from the donor substrate PAPS to the C3 position of the nonreducing terminal Gal residue of carbohydrate chains. Four Gal3STs have been identified so far and their primary structures are similar to each other (Honke et al. 1997; Honke et al. 2001; Suzuki et al. 2001; El-Fasakhany et al. 2001; Seko et al. 2001). The original Gal3ST gene was cloned as a gene that encodes cerebroside sul- fotransferase (CST) (Honke et al. 1997) based on the amino acid sequence of the purified enzyme (Honke et al. 1996). The second through fourth Gal3ST genes were very recently cloned by making use of homology to the CST gene (Honke et al. 2001; Suzuki et al. 2001; El-Fasakhany et al. 2001; Seko et al. 2001). Although the characteristics and biological function of CST have been extensively studied (Honke et al. 1997; Ishizuka 1997), reports on the other GaBSTs are limited. Therefore, I mainly focus on the original Gal3ST, CST, in this chapter.


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