Heparan Sulfate/Heparin N-Deacetylase/ N-Sulfotransferase-3 and -4

  • Jun-Ichi Aikawa


This chapter describes the third and fourth members of HS/heparin N-deacetylase/ N-sulfotransferase (NDST). Refer to Chapters 70 and 71 for information about NDST-1 and NDST-2, respectively. Searching databases, NDST-3 and NDST-4 are discovered in the EST and genomic databases, respectively, as two new homologs to well known NDST-1 and NDST-2. Preparation of the cDNA clone to cover the complete open reading frame revealed that both NDST-3 and NDST-4 encode 872-873 amino acid residues (Aikawa and Esko 1999a,b) and exhibit a putative domain structure common with that of NDST-1 and NDST-2. It is composed of five domains as follows: cytoplasm, transmembrane, stem, N-deacetylase, and N-sulfotransferase domain in that order from the N-terminus (Berninsone and Hirschberg 1998; Sueyoshi et al. 1998). Enzyme activities for GlcNAc N-deacetylation and GlcN N-sulfation were detected in a recombinant form of human NDST-3 (Aikawa and Esko 1999a), and studies of those for NDST-4 are currently in progress (Aikawa and Esko 1999b). Because NDST-3 and NDST-4 can be prepared from both human and mouse, the presence of two new isozymes seems common in mammals.


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