Heparan Sulfate/Heparin N-Deacetylase/ N-Sulfotransferase-1

  • Yasuhiro Hashimoto
  • Carlos B. Hirschberg


Heparan sulfate N-sulfotransferase-1 (NST-1) was first identified as a Golgi enzyme that catalyzes N-sulfation of the glucosamine moiety (GlcN) of the glycosaminogly- can chain of heparan sulfate (HS). This enzyme was later demonstrated to catalyze another reaction, the N-deacetylation of N-acetylghicosamine (GlcNAc), the step immediately preceding N-sulfation (Wei et al. 1993) (Fig. 1). This enzyme, known now as heparan sulfate N-deacetylase/N-surfotransferase-l (NDST-1), thus catalyzes two sequential reactions that are obligatory initiation steps in the modification of the HS glycosaminoglycan (Lindahl et al. 1998; Bernfield et al. 1999).
Fig. 1

Modification of alternating GlcA and GlcNAc units. The GlcNAc residue is deacetylated to GlcN and subsequently N-acetylated by N-deacetylase/N-sulfotransferase. The disaccharide units are further modified by C5-epimerization and O-sulfation of various positions


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  • Yasuhiro Hashimoto
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  • Carlos B. Hirschberg
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  1. 1.RIKEN Frontier Research System, Supra-biomolecular System GroupGlyco-chain Functions LaboratorySaitamaJapan
  2. 2.Department of Molecular and Cell BiologyBoston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine, Center for Advanced Biomedical ResearchBostonUSA

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