• Koichi Honke
  • Naoyuki Taniguchi


The biological roles of asparagine-linked oligosaccharides (N-glycans) on glycoproteins are thought to take place through the interaction of terminal glycan structures and their receptors. The diversity and avidity of the terminal structures, however, are regulated by the core structure of N-glycans (Schachter 1991). In vertebrates, six different N-acetylglucosaminyltransferases (GnT-I-VI) are involved in initiating the synthesis of highly branched N-glycan core structures (Fig. 1). GnT-VI catalyzes the transfer of GlcNAc to position four of the Manα1,6 arm of the core structure of N- glycan, forming the most highly branched pentaantennary glycans with a bisecting GlcNAc. These glycans have been found in hen ovomucoid (Yamashita et al. 1982; Paz Parente et al. 1982) and fish egg glycoprotein (Taguchi et al. 1995).
Fig. 1

Structure of pentaantennary N-linked oligosaccharide with the bisecting GlcNAc


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