Höpfner (1903) is gene rally credited with the first successful experimentallimb replantation, which was performed in dogs, with survival from 1 to 9 days [1]. Carrel and Guthrie (1906) also achieved experimental replantations of completely amputated thighs in dogs, with temporary success [2]. Their idea of replanting an amputated limb was suggested by the results of transplantation and replantation of the kidney and thyroid gland. In 1944, Hall presented a tentative plan for a whole-limb transplant in human beings by referring to many reports[3]. By this time, surgeons’ attitudes and skills were presumed to be adequate. In 1960, Lapchinsky [4] and Snyder and associates [5] published their results of small-vessel anastomosis and the replantation of limbs in dogs, and reported on a long-term follow-up of a dog with a functional replanted hind limb. Jacobson and Suarez first reported the techniques of vascular anastomosis under a dissecting microscope in 1960 [6].


Limb Salvage Digital Nerve Proximal Stump Mangle Extremity Severity Score Total Ischemic Time 
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