Vascularized Tibiofibular Graft in the Rat

  • Shigeru Mizumoto
  • Takeshi Kohno


Recent advances in microvascular surgery have made it possible to reconstruct large skeletal defects with autogenous bone grafts on a vascular pedicle. In 1975, Taylor et al. [1] published the first clinical cases of vascularized fibular grafts for reconstruction of lower limbs damaged by trauma. Other clinical reports followed, and the use of vascularized fibular grafts became a well established method for solving difficult reconstructive problems involving the extremities [2,3]. The iliac crest [4], rib [5], and scapula [6] became alternative sources of vascularized bone grafts. However, the vascularized fibula is most widely used in cases in which there are large skeletal defects of the extremities, because of its available length, straight shape, and strong cortical structure [7,8].


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