Preparation of Thick Tissue Specimens

  • Masumi Inaba
  • Yoshikata Inaba


The standard thickness of a section of prepared tissue specimen embedded in paraffin blocks is 0.003–0.005 mm. In order to obtain a thick section of 0.1 mm, one would have to “stack” more than 200 of these sections. This is not only troublesome but rather impractical. The cell tissue is so thin that it curls up and shrinks when each section is sliced. In order to flatten and extend it, the section is placed horizontally in warm water, then laid on a glass surface for staining. However, the tissue structure itself is then affected and shifts position. Therefore, when these thin sections are put together to create a thick section, it is not possible to study the tissue in its original condition. True, very fine details can be observed with individual thin sections, but with such three-dimensional sections we could not observe the stages of the hair cycle as a whole.


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