Observation of Atmospheric Neutrinos

  • Takaaki Kajita


Atmospheric neutrinos arise from the decay of secondaries (π, K and μ) produced by primary cosmic-ray interactions in the atmosphere. In the energy range below 1GeV, where all secondaries decay, we roughly expect that (v μ + v̄ μ )/(v e + v̄ e ) ≃2. This is because a π-decay produces a v μ and a μ; the μ, when it decays, produces another v μ and a v e . These neutrinos enter into the detector from all directions nearly isotropically. The path length of the neutrinos (from the production point to the detector) ranges from a few km to 13000km, the diameter of the earth. In this article we describe recent measurements of atmospheric neutrinos by large underground detectors. Some of the experiments have observed that the (v μ + v̄ μ )/(v e + v̄ e ) ratio is significantly smaller than expected. The interpretation of these interesting results, the future prospect on atmospheric neutrinos and related neutrino physics are also described. In most parts of this article, when mention is made of neutrinos, we imply both neutrinos and antineutrinos.


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