Dendritic Cells in Autoimmunity

  • Morikazu Onji


Autoimmunity is characterized by the presence of autoreactive B cells and/or autoreactive T cells and the corresponding organ manifestations. Autoreactive B cells produce autoantibodies, whereas autoreactive T cells may induce cellular damage. Under normal conditions, the immune response is not initiated by antigens such as self-antigens and nondangerous entities. In the steady state, presentation of these antigens would lead to immunogenic tolerance. This situation requires that the host accurately distinguish self from nonself. The host should also discriminate between dangerous and nondangerous entities. Nevertheless, self-antigens have potential immunogenicity and are capable of inducing immune responses and autoimmunity. When immunity is initiated to self-antigens in a host, there might be pathogenic consequences such as autoimmune disease. In other words, autoimmunity is the broken state of immunological unresponsiveness (tolerance) to self-antigens.


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