Linear Processes in Stratified Turbulence with Rotation or Mean Shear

  • Hideshi Hanazaki
Conference paper


Linear processes of the unsteady turbulence in stratified flow with system rotation or mean shear are analysed by the rapid distortion theory (RDT). In stratified rotating turbulence, the ratio of Coriolis parameter f to Brunt-Väisälä frequency N, i.e. f/N, determines the steady components of energy and the phase of energy/flux oscillation. On the other hand, unsteady aspects are dominated by stratification, and the energy/flux oscillates at frequency ~ 2N as in the flow with only stratification. For stratified shear flow, the energy or the flux again oscillates at frequency 2N, although the shear distorts the energy spectra so that they are more localized to smaller stream-wise wavenumbers (k 1 → 0). The results show that neither rotation nor mean shear affects the wave number components which dominate the buoyancy oscillation of the energy and the flux.


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