Panel Session 1 Advanced Computational Approaches in Turbulence Research

  • Yukio Kaneda
  • Javier Jimenez
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Let’s start Panel Session P1, “Advanced Computational Approach in Turbulence Research.” The chairman of this session was supposed to be Dr. Rubenstein, but unfortunately, he cannot join to this workshop. Just after re-ceiving his message that he cannot come, I was inclined to cancel this session for many reasons. But, being encouraged by my colleagues, I changed my mind and I decided to keep this session, because there are many questions we wish to discuss. For example, “How far must a man go to know turbulence by DNS?” or in more sophisticated English by Dr.Rubinstein, “How far must we go to understand turbulence by DNS?” Like this kind of question, there are a lot of questions of interest.


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