Reevaluation of the International Division of Labor in Japan’s Automobile Industry in Asia

  • Koichi Shimokawa
Conference paper


At present there are signs of financial stabilization and recovery across the whole Asian region, even though the financial crisis had a tremendous impact on the automobile market and production in Asia. In 1999, Japanese, European and American automobile manufacturers put an end to production reductions in ASEAN countries and have started to increase production. Therefore, it is expected that the automobile industry in Asia will revive, sooner or later, in the 21st century. It is also expected that, after two years of economic crisis and production reductions, an innovative system for the international division of labor will be established when concerned parties reexamine the existing system with its limitations. This system had been established to complement the real international division of labor, with focus on technology transfer and production and supply systems for the domestic markets of each Asian country.


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