Japan and East Asia

  • Shinichi Ichimura


The economic development of any national economy is possible only in the favorable international environment. Japan has not always in the very favorable international circumstance and has managed to overcome the difficulties. All the other East Asian countries and economies have had their own problems to overcome while materializing their economic development. The following is a summary of the international relations in East Asia mainly from the viewpoint of Japan.


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    After this original article was written in 1980, there were border clashes resulting form Vietnamese incursions into Thailand. As the result the military forces of Thailand moved into a part of Cambodia and Indonesia had sent the army to Vietnam.Google Scholar
  2. 3.
    These figures are exaggerated in the sense of including the entrepot part of trade through Singapore and Hong Kong. But as the percentage figures for Singapore and Hong Kong in the table shows, they are not too big. So that exaggeration is not serious.Google Scholar

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