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Effectiveness of Magnetopuncture for Treatment of Myopia

  • I. M. Boichuk


Increasing the visual acuity of children with myopia is important. Magnetic fields (MFs) elicit strong local and common reactions from organs and receptors. They improve adaptive reactions and decrease pathological processes. The action of MFs on the organism depends on its age, functional state, and sensitivity. The goal of this investigation was to determine the effectiveness of magnetopuncture and to simultaneously train the accommodative ability. We used magnetic tablets on acupuncture dots while teaching accommodation to children aged 7–16 years with myopia of slight (55%), middle (40%), or high (5%) degree. The course lasted 5–7 days. The uncorrected visual acuity in the group with slight myopia was increased from 0.4–0.6 to 0.85–1.00 in 85% of cases; in those with middle myopia it improved from 0.17–0.20 to 0.5 in 45% of cases. The achieved effect remained stable for the 2–3 months after treatment that we observed the children. The best results were in children with slight myopia.


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  • I. M. Boichuk
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  1. 1.Filatov Research Institute of Eye Diseases and Tissue TherapyOdessaUkraine

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