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Results of Biochemical Investigations of Congenital Myopia in Children

  • N. N. Bushueva


Results of biochemical investigations of blood plasma in 136 children and juveniles with congenital myopia reflect the state of connective tissue collagen of the whole body and hence of the sclera. The proteolytic activity in blood plasma of 27 patients (3.89 ± 0.51 cat/ml) was higher than that in a group of 24 patiente with stabilized myopia (2.18 ± 0.36 cat/ml) (P < 0.001). The increased proteolytic enzyme activity is accompanied by activation of their inhibitors, especially that of the trypsin inhibitor. In 20 children and juveniles with progressive myopia this index is 1.75 ± 0.04 g/l. In 21 patients of the same age with stabilized myopia, the content of trypsin inhibitors was 1.5 times lower (0.98 ± 0.09 g/1) (P < 0.001). The plasma content of free oxyproline in 24 patients with progressive myopia (59.7 ± 2.6 mmo1/1) was higher than in 20 patients with stabilized myopia (36.5 ± 3.3 mmo1/1) (P < 0.001). These results showed the increase of amino nitrogen content in 24 patients with progressive myopia (51.5 ± 4.17 mmo1/1) compared to that in 20 patients with stabilized myopia (28.5 ± 2.43 mmo1/1) (P < 0.001). Our biochemical investigations of blood plasma suggest the first objective criteria that indicate progression of myopia.


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  • N. N. Bushueva
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  1. 1.Filatov Institute of Eye Diseases and Tissue TherapyUAMSOdessaUkraine

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