Application: Analyzing Human Body Motions Using Manifolds and Critical Points

  • Anatolij T. Fomenko
  • Tosiyasu L. Kinii


This chapter discusses how we can use manifolds and critical points to analyze human body motions on the computer. A robot or a human body can be modeled as a multibody, that is, a system of rigid bodies connected by joints. The analysis of human body motions is, however, far more complex than that of a robot. A robot consists of several segments, each being a rigid body. A human body, by contrast, has many more parts, and they are not really rigid, although we model them as if they were. We first modeled a human body as a multibody consisting of fifty segments, as shown in Figure 7.1. A recent extension has added more segments, actually of hands, and now the multibody has 82 segments.


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