Systemic Societal Change

  • Helmar Krupp


Essayistically speaking, the picture drawn so far shows a gigantic Schumpeter machine programmed to produce economic growth and profits. It is strongly based on technological innovation, constituting what is called technical progress. This machine consumes energy and materials from the environment and releases pollution which causes immense ecological disruption, including mass extinction of species. Schumpeter Dynamics got fully started in the Industrial Revolution and is still accelerating, consuming more and more energy and materials and releasing increasing amounts of pollution. The economy, politics, and technology are the principal drivers of Schumpeter Dynamics. Its economic and technological success is due to an extreme activism and to flexible innovativeness of all actors in the Schumpeterian game whose individual entrepreneurial transactions and whose consumption are coordinated by its comprehensive programs. Under its influence society may look programmed on a fateful course.


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