Nonlocal Formulation of Optical Response of an Assembly of Fine Particles

  • Yasushi Ohfuti
  • Kikuo Cho
Conference paper


A nonlocal optical response formulation developed recently is applied to an assembly of fine particles with a resonant level. In the theory, the field produced by electron excitation is fed back selfconsistently to the motion of the electrons. The selfconsistency between Maxwell and Schrödinger equations is kept within the linear response for polarization and it gives rise to the radiative lifetime and the Lamb shift within the semi-classical treatment. From the obtained response spectra, the radiative width and the Lamb shift are evaluated as functions of the number of the particles. It is observed that the radiative width deviates from the linear dependence on the system size even for a system size of about one-tenth of the light wavelength.


Oscillator Strength System Size Incident Field Lamb Shift Radiative Width 
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Authors and Affiliations

  • Yasushi Ohfuti
  • Kikuo Cho
    • 1
  1. 1.Faculty of Engineering ScienceOsaka UniversityOsaka, 560Japan

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