Probing Spin-Glass Configurations with Mesoscopic Conductance Fluctuations

  • Paul G. N. de Vegvar
  • Laurent P. Lévy
  • Ted A. Fulton
Conference paper


The natural sensitivity of the conductance of mesoscopic-sized samples to the specific scattering potential has been theoretically proposed as a method to explore the complex frozen magnetic order in systems such as spin-glasses. Recent magneto-transport measurements on 1000 ppm CuMn films and wires demonstrate phase coherent electron propagation over 0.4-µm distances. Exploiting the broken time-reversal symmetry of the spin-glass state, a unique magneto-fingerprint of the specific frozen spin-configuration is extracted from a pair of resistance measurements. This technique is then applied to study how the spin configuration changes along different paths in the HT plane, reaching some surprising conclusions not obtainable by other experimental means.


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Copyright information

© Springer Japan 1992

Authors and Affiliations

  • Paul G. N. de Vegvar
  • Laurent P. Lévy
  • Ted A. Fulton
    • 1
  1. 1.AT & T Bell LaboratoriesMurray HillUSA

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